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...love, word and power...


How does fulfilling God's will show itself in our lives?

In love: practical care and concern for each other, from little everyday acts of kindness, through intelligent giving and addressing social needs, to large-scale issues such as pollution, third world debt and the politics of globalisation.

In word: challenging ourselves and each other with God’s word.  Studying, applying, teaching and preaching biblical truth, even when it goes against the grain to do so.  Speaking out on social injustice, political corruption, internet pornography and the like.  Broadcasting God’s desire to set us free from our pointless lifestyles and show us the meaning of true life.

In power: engaging in spiritual struggle through prayer, and invoking God’s power to heal the sick, influence governments, and restrain evil in society.  Praying for liberty for those who are held captive through ill-health, addictions, bitterness and so on.


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