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...fully committed followers...

Though we are changed from the moment we believe in Jesus, there is also a process of ongoing growth in commitment which continues throughout our lives.  Career ambition, earning potential, the ‘right’ to happiness, personal space, financial security, etc - we may be called on to surrender any or all of these.  Learning to hear God’s voice requires attentive listening and the willingness to obey when he does speak.

Faith must produce change in our lives, or it is merely self-deception.  Meeting regularly with other Christians and seeing how God is changing them, helps us to stay ‘on message’ and to grow more like Jesus.  We need to develop self-discipline in our own spirituality, setting aside regular time for personal prayer, Bible study and reflection.  The accountability created by meeting in small housegroups, helps this process of growth.

We can expect to find the Holy Spirit leading us into new ways of living out our faith as the years go by.  Some will develop overtly spiritual gifts such as preaching or teaching or pastoral care: others may have more mundane but equally important gifts such as organisational skills, the capacity to give generously, or the gift of hospitality.  The church is a living entity, and needs every member's strengths if it is to reach its full potential.

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